Friday, August 31, 2007

Big Changes Going On

As You know, if you're a regular to my little blog, I was on to CTs one for Lizandherbabes and one for Amy and Theresa. Sadly, I am no longer going to be working with Amy and Theresa. I didn't leave on bad terms or any thing, they released me because they knew what was on my plate. Both of them were very understanding, and knew I was about to be really busy and, they wanted to make sure I had time to focus on my new venture. They really are the best and they were right the past few days were a little hectic. OK so by now you're probably wondering what the heck it is I'm talking about, why is it I'm so busy. Well I officially crossed over to being a designer! Yes you read right I submitted my application to Scrappers Zone and the have accepted me! I'm so excited, and what even better, I have a kit up in the store. I introduce to you
Chill Out

You can find it in the Scrappers Zone Store HERE. I promise you it's there, I'm having a small problem with the preview. I hope to have it fixed soon. Keep an eye out, I'm going to be holding a CT call, will you be there to answer? Have a great day everyone.
Happy Scrappin!

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