Saturday, July 28, 2007

Toot Toot!

I have to give myself a toot toot, I went over to Digital Scrapbook Pages and my LO Magic Moments was chosen for LO of the Day. Woo Hoo go me!!! Here is the LO
Credits: Brown paper from Angie's Funky Summer kit by Angela Young Blur & green papers from Sufer Boy by Selana ( both are avalible the Digitals Store HERE )Word Art by Sue Jones

Have a good one!
Happy Scrappin ~Colie

Layouts to share

Wow, can I just say the this summer is going by way to fast! I don't know where the time goes. So tomorrow in my anniversary DH and I will have been married for seven years now. I'm still trying to figure out how we haven't killed each other. I tell you I never thought I would meet someone who was as stubborn as me then I went an married him. Silly me. But I love him so I guess I'll keep him. Then on Tuesday Gabby will be 7 yes I was giving birth on what was supposed to be my honeymoon! I made this LO for her Birthday gift, she loves LOs of herself

She is so cute that way. I used Sweet Versatility by lizandherbabes available at Sweet Digi Scraps
I made this one as a for my Kids Page. I also used Sweet Versatility for this LO and the poem is by Helen Steiner Rice.
Because of everything going on over the next couple of days I don't know when I'll be posting, but I do know the next time I do I'll have something for you. Happy Scrappin~Colie

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Double Template Thursday

Hello hello, Well my template challenge over at ScrapbookFlair has ended and the winner was Miracles by Lizandherbabes This was done with her Mocha Love kit find a link to her store Sweet Digi Scraps on the sidebar under my favorite DigiShops.

I realize not all of you had the chance to get this template so now you can get it HERE and here is the preview

And as my way of saying sorry for not posting a freebie in a while here is another template.
Find it HERE

and to give you some inspiration here is my LO


Torn paper template by Redju
Cardboard by Michelle Squires
Papers from Poppy by Retrodiva Designs aka Tracy Collins
Buttons from It's A Guy Thing posting bonus by Shmooangel
Stitching by Vendula Sediva aka Natali
Journaling mat
paperclips from Life's Journey by Debi Degagne
Font-Title and date are Lima Bean Journaling is Angelina

Have a good one Happy Scrappin!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Well I guess it's about time for a post!

OK so either that was the longest storm ever, or I'm a slacker.....I guess I'm a slacker. So lets see what's been going on around here. Well let's start off with the bad, yesterday my little Aydan almost burned down the house literally. He has a habit of making his own food in the microwave, something we can't seem to break no matter what we do. Well yesterday he decided to make a cup-o-noodles, problem was he didn't add water, left it in the plastic and oh yeah didn't tell me me was making it! So I come out to the kitchen and I smell something burning, I tried not to panic and checked the stove, no, not on. Then I look up and realize that the microwave is full of smoke. So I opened it only to have all of the smoke in my face, I had to remove the burnt noodles(the cup was gone at this point)with my BBQ tongs and put them in a pitcher of water. That was when I had to stop because the house was starting to fill with smoke and it was burning my eyes and lungs. So we were outside for a good half hour before the smoke cleared enough to go back inside. After I yelled at him this time, I think Aydan got the hint NO MICROWAVE!!!!! So now a day later my house still has a feint smell of a fire but it's still standing so I'm not complaining. So what was good about the past few days.....thinking....still thinking....Oh, I finished a few more layouts. I think that brings me to 25 this month. So here are a few to share with you

Credits: Wish You Were Here: Paradise by Jessica Alger. you can find it at the store HERE Stiching is by Vendula Sediva aka Natali find them on her blog HERE The font for the title is Tuna and Hot Dogs on Rye and the captions are Tw Cen MT Condensed I kinda cheated on this one Ive posted it in the color challenge at godigitalscrapbooking and the font challenge at ScrapbookFlair, but I thought they were so perfect together.

Credits Grungy Solids Paper Pack by Doreen Stolz find it at the store HERE Frames are by angelwingsandthings from her Dirty Boy Kit find it on here blog HERE The Title Font is Snidley The journaling font is Sue Ellen Francisco

Credits Papers and Flowers behind the frames from Hawaiian Style Kit Frames from Hawaiian Style Mini Kit I sepperated the frames to better work in the LO both by Maddy Fernandez find them at the Digital Scrapbook Pages Store Full HERE Mini HERE The font is Kudasai

Time to go make dinner, I'll talk to you all later,
Happy Scrappin

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Template

I have to make this quick, we're actually in the middle of a bad storm.

You can download it HERE
I'll try to post later if the storm lets up

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Moment of Inspiration

Update, I would like to credit MemoryKeeper aka Jeanette from ScrapFlair for inspiration on this Template.
Good Morning, I'm here, I'm OK, just life with both kids home doesn't always give me time to post everyday. Especially when you're trying to keep both of them from killing each other. Ah, how it brings back memories of when I was growing up with my brother. Well anyway I guess you all can thank Aydan for your template today. He woke me up around 3 a.m. for more juice, and didn't go back to sleep until a few minutes ago. However while I couldn't sleep I came up with a template, to top it off, I even did a layout to match. To change things up a bit here is the layout

Kit is A Hawaiian Dream by Nayyan Design Studio
Font is hamburger Heaven
The poem reads-

Let's go to the beach To swim and play and run.
Building castles in the sand Is ever so much fun.
We'll fix a picnic lunch And eat it when we like.
And when we all are nice and full We'll take a nature hike.
Be sure to wear your suit And bring along your float.
We'll ride so far out in the surf Pretending it's a boat.
We'll find some pretty shells And throw the gulls some bread.
Put on a lot of suntan oil So that we don't turn red.
We'll never want to leave. Such fun this all has been.
But we'll come back another day And do it all again!

You can download it HERE

I hope you all have a great day, I think I'm gonna try to take a nap before Dominic gets here.
Happy Scrappin!