Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So if you didn't know by now, I didn't get to move on to round 4 of the SYTYCD contest. And believe me I am in now way upset, there were so many talented designers to begin with I'm just happy I made it as far as I did. Now that the stress of it is over I can sit back and relax while designing and cheer for those lucky ones still in the contest. And as I took a break yesterday I got an idea for a kit and went with it and here it is

Text Me
My poor Ct didn't even get a chance to play with this one before it went in store, because I wanted you to be able to pick it up for $1 since today is $1 at GP So, that means you can pick this kit up for $1 today only at BTST, DD and GP and don't forget to check out the other $1 deals I have at GP Thanks for stopping by, have a good one!

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E @ Scottsville said...

Your creations are WAY cute! =0)

Do you design for blogs?