Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New September Mega and a Posting Bonus

Good Morning everyone well it's here! Equinox the ScrappersZone September Mega kit is here!

Monthly Mega Kit

ScrappersZone September Mega Kit is a super deal. With a little bit from every designer the kit has moons, stars, zodiac signs, cool starry colors and lots and lots of embellishments. You are sure to find lots to scrap with. This kit’s price is reduced for this month only and will go up when the next month’s kit comes out.
Files include: 1 Alpha (capitals),1 Alpha (capitals & numbers), 4 Beads, 12 Bows, 6 Brads, 1 Button with tassels, 2 Cardboards, 2 Celtic Ornament, 8 Constellations Glass Buttons, 4 Corners, 6 Frames, 6 Glass Stones Moons, 6 Glass Stones Star, 2 Journal Tag, 1 Lace Trim, 2 Metallic Accents, 4 Metallic Buttons, 1 Metallic Sand Clock, 5 Metallic Moons, 11 Metallic Stars, 3 Metallic Suns, 3 Metallic Sun-Moons, 3 Metallic Tags, 1 Sundial, 2 Tassels, 1 Metallic Turquoise Globe, 1 Metallic Ying-Yang Button, 13 Metallic Zodiac Symbols, 4 Paper Clips, 90 Papers, 1 Plaque, 4 Prongs, 1 Ribbon Buckle, 13 Ribbons, 1 Stamp, 1 Star Border, 3 Star Brushes, 1 Star Doodle, 6 Star Buttons, 6 Star Frames, 4 Star Stitching, 3 Star Tags, 1 Stardude, 6 Stickers, 1 Set of Stitches, 6 Stitching Ribbons, 4 Tag Holders, 2 Templates, 1 Triple Frame, 3 Veils, 1 Zodiac Circle, 12 Zodiac Constellation Tags, 12 Zodiac Images Brushes, 12 Zodiac Metallic Buttons, 12 Zodiac Ribbons, 12 Zodiac Symbols Brushes, 12 Zodiac Stitches Tags & se Quick Pages.
Just in September!
Equinox Mega Kit ---> 9.99
Equinox Album ---> 3.99
Equinox Bundle Mega Kit & Album ---> 11.99

And the posting bonus you ask, well as you all know I'm hosting the Font Challenge over at ScrapppersZone. Well if you complete a LO using the font Rickles


and post it in the September 2007 ~ Septiembre 2007 gallery (you do have to sign up to post) that's all and at the end of the month you will get the Gabby's Dream Alpha

After the challenge it will be avalible for purchase in the store so why not complete the challange and get it free! I hope you all have a great day!
Happy Scrappin

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