Monday, March 14, 2011

Chat Challenge and COUPONS!

This week at Colie's Sunday Brunch Chat we went over Layouts using White Space, also know as negative space. With our recent love of clusters it seems hard for many of us to go back to the basics. So this week the challenge is simple create a white space LO keeping at least 3/4 of your LO free of words and elements. You can scrap any theme you wish but if you wanna score some points with a certain coupon crazy designer I know, you can scrap a LO with a coffee, tea or hot chocolate theme. She has two kits that would work with either of those themes.

BONUS: Use coupon code HotJavaSunday to get Hot Java for $2

BONUS: Use coupon code SUndayETR to get Early to Rise for $2

*Once you have finished your LO post it in the Sunday Brunch Crunch gallery . Please use at least 60% GP products for your LO and post a LO link in this forum thread by Saturday 3.19.11 8pm EST.

This challenge is open to everyone even if you didn't make the chat. Have fun and we can't wait to see those LOs!

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