Monday, February 14, 2011

Brunch Crunch Challenge

This week at Colie's Sunday Brunch Chat they chatted about journaling again. For some it's a struggle to find the right words for a page so this week Colie picked a focus for journaling, the interview. There are lots of ways to do an interview page and here are some of the topics that were thrown around...

*Interview the kids or have them interview you, kids are full of off the wall answers and questions, sit with them for a while and see what happens
*Interview yourself, search online for fun surveys and take one. Then scrap your questions and answers.
*Interview a pet, sure they can't talk back but they give us those looks ;). What do you think they are thinking?
* Pick one question that really makes you think and then journal as you answer it.
* Make a Top # page, pick a number (could be 10, for example) then pick a topic (say books). Now tell why those are your favorites.

So your challenge this week is to create an interview page. If you weren't able to make it to the chat, that's OK. You can still join the challenge.

The rules are simple, you don't have use pictures but you have to have at least 5 sentences of journaling on your page.

You have until Saturday 2/19/11 to finish your LO and post it in the Sunday Brunch Crunch gallery.

Make sure to reply to this thread at Gotta Pixel with a link to your LO.

You must use at least 60% of Gotta Pixel products on your LO to be eligible for the posting bonus and don't forget to have fun!

**Posting Bonus- everyone who completes this challenge by posting in the gallery and thread mentioned above will get a $2.00 coupon to Colie's store (given by Colie through GP)**

I can't wait to see your LayOuts!!

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