Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Freebie and a Chance to Win

Well, I finally finished it! Thoughts of Spring is now up in the stores

This refreshing and richly textured kit is a sure fit to your scrapbook layouts, cards, and other paper crafts Kit Contains 8 Papers 3 bows 3 buttons 2 tags 2 flourishes 2 flowers 2 butterfly brads 2 frames 1 string of beads 1 flower brad 1 journal mat 1 folded ribbon 1 sheer ribbon with bow 1 ribbon with eyelets 1 torn paper
**Special thanks to Atomic cupcake**

This one was one of those off and on kits that I couldn't seem to get just right, but now I am very pleased with how it turned out. So happy in fact, I have decided five lucky people get to have it for free! What you have to do is leave a comment with your favorite thoughts of spring, and tomorrow night I will read your responses and pick five of my favorites. Then on Saturday morning, I will let you know who the winners are. And well seeing as I know not everyone can be a winner, you all get to pick up my Thoughts of Spring bonus paper pack free for the next 48 hours.

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Thanks for the interest

This was originally a DGGA at JFTSOI and with the release of Thoughts of Spring it gets to be a freebie once more. I’m looking forward to hearing all of your favorite thoughts of Spring, have a great day.
Happy Scrappin


Anonymous said...

Ah my favorite thoughts of open with a fresh breeze wafting in and the birds chirping on a bright sunny day.Oh I can't wait until Spring!


Shell said...

Thanks for the papers. My favorite thoughts of spring include thoughts of my birthday, being able to pack away the winter clothes & getting outside to enjoy outdoor concerts & plays, watching the brilliant multitude of flowers poke through the ground & watching all the new mothers (human & animal)out enjoying life with their new little ones.

Anonymous said...

I love Spring because of the warm, perfect, bug-free days, playing outside, the light lasting longer, teasing us of summer...all the grass and plants turn green and everything looks new and fresh and alive and the COLOR comes back, yay!!! Dreary, gray days are over! It always renews my energy! It makes me feel like a kid on my way to an amusement park...I can't wait!!!!!

Thanks for the papers!


Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

shayenne27 said...


i love the spring because all the nature is wake up and it looks and smell fresh and my heart begins to knock and i will loving all ;-)

greet shayenne27

Laura said...

You know when you live out in the country and you drive past the farm and you see a field full of baby cows, or baby horse running through the field, kicking up their heels, and the bright full color of the flowers in bloom, all that warms your heart and makes you believe again, lets you know that everyone, and everything has a time for starting fresh... It's a wonderful thing.. I love the spring time...

What a wonderful idea to have everyone share their ideas of spring...

Natalie said...

my favorite thoughts of spring probably aren't quite the same as everyone else's. i remember when my Grandma (who was basically my mom) was still here, she would take me outside in the yard when she was gardening, and i would play. the smell from the running hose on a warm sunny day is inexplainable. i remember the way the potting soil smelled so damp, and earthy. my Grandma would turn on the sprinklers and i would run through them (if it was warm enough out) and at that point, everything in life was perfect. not to mention we had a beautiful garden thanks to that lovely woman. --and don't let anyone tell you that a dandelion is NOT a flower. if it's beautiful, it doesn't deserve the name "weed". That's my springy story. Thanks for letting me share :)

Maria said...

When I think of Spring, I think back to the Spring of 1991 when I was told that after months of chemo, and several surgeries, I was finally cancer-free! That Spring was just magical for me -- I delighted in all of the colors, sights, and smells of that fresh new season. And each year around this time, I give thanks and feel even more blessed that I have continued to remain cancer-free. This is definitely my favorite season, as everything is new again, just like I felt that Spring 17 years ago!! I'm getting so excited anticipating the daffodils and the robins!

Your kit is beautiful! And this was an awesome question!

margaret said...

I love your kit.
Spring is always new life, in the flowers and the earth awakening from the cold of winter.
It is also the sound of the first motor mower of the season and the spitfires (sawfly grubs) that abound with the warmth!!!!!
I'll settle for the good bits.
best wishes

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Rose (confettirose)
Winter is gone and it make you feel like you have brand new chance of life. The smell of fresh cut grass. Spring will bring us gurgling springs, budding trees, deer frolicking, peace in the house, open windows (finally fresh scents into our homes), the wind blowing onto our face with the fresh crisp feeling of spring and the children free at last to go outside and play without their winter wraps on. Can't wait for spring, it can not come fast enough.

Tonya Moon said...

When I think of Spring I think of family gatherings out by our pool, surrounded by Confederate Jasmine in bloom, watching the kids play together in the pool...which you can do in Florida in the Spring!!!! It is just a lovely time especially if it is with family.

ret2go said...

Mine is a memory of Spring it always reminds me of my Grandfather (who is no longer with us) and my son when he was little. My son was always getting into something and my Grandfather always let him. But after a long winter inside it was time for them to go out and play. My Grandfather would get a lawn chair and sit in the yard while my son would do his thing. One day, I was watching them through the window and my Grandfather had fallen asleep in the chair, my son saw this as his chance to get into something so he made his way to the biggest mud hole that he could find and decided he wanted to play in it. By the time my Grandfather woke up my son was covered in mud from head to toe and he thought it was the funniest thing ever, and little did he know I was in the kitchen looking out the window dying laughing too. My son is now grown with a daughter of his own, and I still tell him that story over and over. That's my fondest memory of spring.