Thursday, October 4, 2007

Scrappers Zone October Mega Kit- Spice Delight

This awesome mega kit is the product of 15 designers who were given a color swatch and told to do something to make the colors look gorgeous.Well, they succeeded. Look at what they did!!Please note that due to the extreme size of this mega kit, the zip files are around 50MB or larger. Also, note that when you unzip these files, you will find more zip files.We wanted to be sure to give these files to you in the form our designers gave them to us.So the designer zip files have been combined into the larger download zip files you get.Files include: 4 Rhinestones, 17 Bows. 33 ribbons, 1 folded ribbon, 1 staple, 1 set of stitches, 15 flowers, 5 ribbon embellishments, 18 tags, 2 beads and flowers necklaces, 29 frames, 4 brads, 3 leaf shaped journal papers, 1 crumpled journal paper, 2 title shapes, 3 photo turns, 8 photo corners, 10 buttons, 13 leaves or leaf motifs, 1 twig motif, 5 leaf d├ęcor, 2 glitter motifs, 9 embossed and/or bejeweled motifs, 1 vine and leaf border, 6 rick raks, 8 eyelets, 6 pearly brads, 4 strands of pearls, 4 borders, 3 knotted ribbons, 7 slide mounts, 6 wax seals, 5 flourishes, 2 string fasteners, 3 paper clips, 3 pieces of yarn, 4 film negative frames, 2 complete alphas, 127 papers & 16 Quick Pages.
Just in October!

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